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Founders' Celebration

September 26, 2007

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Bluenose Inn

Our Foundation sponsored a Founders' Celebration on Wednesday, September 26, 2007, at the Bluenose Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine.  The event was limited to 20 forward-thinking individual or corporate donors. Guests were treated to an informative and entertaining conference and provided funds to help find a cure for melanoma.  100% of all contributions go directly to the Foundation (none of the celebration expense was charged to the Foundation).  Each year 1/2 of the earnings of the fund will be distributed for research and one-half will be added to the principal of the fund so that the fund will continue to grow. 

Dr. Hock presents at the Celebration
Dr. Janet Hock presents

The celebration included presentations by Dr. Janet Hock and Dr. Mary Rumpho-Kennedy. Dr. Hock is the director of the Maine Institute for Human Genetics provided information about the institute and its mission.  Dr. Rumpho-Kennedy reported on a compound, kahahalide F, discovered in sea slugs, which is now being tested as an anti-cancer compound.


Jackson Laboratory - Bar Harbor, ME

Attendees received a presentation and tour of the
world-renowned Jackson Labs. Jackson Labs has recently been
approved as a cancer research center.

Dr. Rumpho Kennedy Presents at the Celebration
Dr. Rumpho-Kennedy speaks in front of the Founders.

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